Leadership Team

Alongside our founder Lou, we have a small team of experienced and loving women dedicated to supporting women navigate life after childhood.


Jilly is a registered teacher and counsellor who has been in the education sector for a decade and has taught in both school and tertiary settings.

Alongside her partnership with us here at Miracle Mums Movement, Jilly works in collaboration with a local not-for-profit organisation Tribe Social Belonging and heads up Tribe Coffee Counselling.

Jilly also operates a private practice specialising in Neurodiversity with experience in Domestic Violence, Divorce & Separation, including Family Court Support and Post Natal Support.

Jilly is an advocate for normalising the conversation around mental health.

Connect with Jilly here:


Emma’s passion tis o help you find – You – and find your flow in this crazy journey we call life. Emma truly believes healing can only come from within, that the beliefs, perceptions and vibrations we uphold shape our current reality… and that this is fluid.

We are powerful creators whom can change the trajectory of our life path… we can heal, and more than that, we can thrive in the truest versions of ourselves.

Beyond this work, Emma is a Mama to 4 beautiful souls, and partner to a wonderful man, who are my heart and teach me so much about myself and this journey. We have as many pets as people, and life is chaotic simplicity. She also admits to having a dependent relationship with coffee!

Emma will always be reaching for more knowledge to extend and grow herself, and that which she can offer those who reach out to her.

Emma specialises in trauma and abuse and has an in depth understanding of Domestic Violence & Mental Illness, which is something that was really important to us when selecting our core team.

As well as her valued role at Miracle Mums Movement, you can also find Emma through her social media links below:


Mel is passionate about helping women feel their feelings and empower themselves by owning their story. She is an empath, a projector, a writer, an intuitive guide, and all round highly sensitive woman.

Her soul mission is to help women realise their worth and activate their divine feminine power. Mel facilitates healing through embodiment and self nurturing practices. She specialises in connecting women with their heart and normalising feeling.

Mel is on her own healing journey post DV and uses her personal experiences to support other warriors.

You can connect with Mel here:

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