About the Miracle Mums Movement

Lou Feltham

Hi 🙋‍♀️ I’m Lou and I’m the Founder and Creator of Miracle Mums Movement. MMM was born as a result of my own journey experiencing Domestic Violence and Mental Illness.

When my Psychologist informed me four years ago that what I was describing was Domestic Abuse and not Post Natal Depression as I had suspected, I immediately went from survival mode into growth mode and started making plans to leave my marriage. Over the next couple of months I found myself being referred to a number of different services that I didn’t even know had existed before that point.

The past four years have been spent on self healing and personal growth and today I am a different woman because of my experiences. When I left my marriage I was determined to build myself and my three kids the life I’d always pictured in my head and four years on I’m pretty happy with how my life looks these days. I’m engaged to the absolute love of my life who continues to heal me every day with his love and support and we live in our dream suburb with my three kids and our own miracle baby.

Alongside Miracle Mums Movement, paying it forward to other Mums who need help navigating the post separation maze, I have my own online global health & wellness business and I work from home around my other Mum commitments, which is something that I’ve always dreamed of.

You can connect with me by clicking below.

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